Re: Autoeat/autodrink[off topic]

From: Nathan Davies (alamar@MARQUIS.NETINC.CA)
Date: 07/25/97

> Personally I think any auto actions should be left out of muds and left
> up to players to set triggers on mud clients. Autoassist, autoloot,
> autosac, autoeat, autodrink, and autosplit takes away from the realism
> of the mud and basically allows a player to just follow someone else and
> group with them so they can get exp without even being there. It may
> make things easier, but where is the fun without realism?

And your using triggers as the example of being different than this???

What is a trigger if it's not an automated response...Personally, on most
any muds I've played, I could set up some fairly simple triggers to have my
chars run around and kill mobs for hours with NO interaction.

I personally agree with auto stuff, and don't believe it takes away from
the realism, why bother typing it in 10000^9999 times, the same thing, over
and over...

Av fun, good luck an hey...enjoy life :)

Nathan Davies,

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