Re: [Advertising] Should you or shouldn't you?

From: Mark Dickey (mark@OKEEFE.BESTWEB.NET)
Date: 07/26/97

I would say this is a pretty good idea.  Let me know if I can help.

Mark Dickey
On Sat, 26 Jul 1997, Crimson Towers wrote:

> Hello Circle finatics,
>         I've recently been pondering over wheither or not to put an online
> mud list that players can access, reason being is I believe that the
> circle community should be one of sharing and of contribution, and quite
> honestly, it's unfair to players when someone gives limitations to what
> muds they can play on.  I seek to gain a bit of respect and a bit of
> admiration through my actions, that's what players key in on, they don't
> want a greed controlled dictatorship, they want a place they can feel
> comfortable and free on.
> What do you all think? Yay, or Nay on the mudlist?

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