Re: Autoeat/autodrink

From: Ron Cole (roncole@SHORE.INTERCOM.NET)
Date: 07/28/97

>>>      command_interpreter(ch, "eat food"); /* not do_eat for a reason */
>>>      command_interpreter(ch, "drink water"); /* pos/freeze/dead check */
>>Not all food is called food, and liquids, water.  If you're gonna go through the
>I really didn't want to get that detailed on mailer code.

That was directed at the person you were responding to, not you.  You gave them
a fine head start on the code.  I just wanted to add a note about making it
useful, if they intended to do it.

>>I don't see a problem with this, since it's probably the very first thing people
>Or you could just subtract 10 gold every tick, why stop at automatic

Well, it's a matter of making something more convenient, that's already nothing
but a minor inconvenience.  I would tend to lean in the other direction, making
hunger and thirst either more significant, or remove it all together.  In it's
default state on circle, it's an irritation at best.  You can't die from hunger
or thirst, and neither food nor water is hard to come by.  And, you can easily
carry around a month's supply of food (assuming you can't just create it by
magic).  Water can be a bit harder to come by when not in town, but fountains
and speedwalking eliminate this problem too.


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