Re: Comparing with SMAUG

Date: 07/28/97

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I love SMAUG as a player, but as a coder I hate it.  I worked on a system
that was Circle and I had to implement SMAUG and now I barely log on to it.
 The code is wrote like they were lazy and in quite a bit of a hurry.  I
love Circles code, and Jermey you are to be comended on your coding style.
I love working with Circle but SMAUG has so many features that ADMINS want
that Circle just doesn't have, which saddens me.  This message is meant to
complement Jermey (for I have seen the competition and it is great, but
coding wise is a sloppy mess) and see if anyone else has ran into this
situation.  If only the two could have been merged together that
non-existant system would be one major killer mud.
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     just a question: What is SMAUG?


     obcircle: check out the mood code in the Archipelego code... some
     really fruity s__t. (grep -i mood *)

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