New Mud

From: Mark Drozd (Mierkos@WORLDNET.ATT.NET)
Date: 07/28/97

Hi guys,

I've decided to start my own mud.  I write short stories and am attempting
a novel at the moment.  I need to build a world as a setting for my novel,
and love to mud, so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone.  It will
be an all original mud.  As of yet, I don't know jack about compiling a mud
or such, but have a coder to help me.  What I need is server space to run
an alpha mud for a short while.  We are in the process of getting it
compiled under win95's at the moment, but I need a more stable connection
to allow my coder access while I'm away.  Also I'm in the process of
learning to code, and would appreciate enought room to have a c++ compiler
on the server as well.  I use a notebook and don't have nough room to keep
a compiler on my comp.  It would be a plus but not a must have for me.
Eventually, when the mud's ready for beta testing, I'll go to a pay service
or something.  If you'd like to help out, email me at   I know this is alot to ask, but I'd appreciate
any help.  I really want to put out a quality mud, with well written, well
balanced zones, and would be glad to have the help of anyone who would like
to do the same.

Thanks for your time
*Mark A. Drozd*

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