Re: Question regarding Vnum and Rnums (quit)

From: Stephen Arnold (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 07/28/97

On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Mark Dickey wrote:

> I have done this exact thing, what you should do is change all of the
> save_chars to  "Save_char(ch, ch->in_room);
> There are a couple other things to do, so just try searching through the
> code for save_car and "NOWHERE"s, (I think this is what I did)
> If you have more trouble, just send an e-mail to me, or to the list, and I
> or someone will see what we can do.
> I'll try to dig up the e-mail that I had about this and send it out.
> Mark Dickey

        Greetings Mark.

        That would be grreatly appreciated. I was using a same_room
integer in the player structure, and was not using the already eisting
load_room. Are you using that? Are there any conflicts with AutoEq also? I
think I remember reading somewhere that there was. I am gonna Rip out the
code I have put in, restore it to normal, and wil try like you said
regarding all the save_char function calls.

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