Re: [NEWBIE] CircleMUD and problems with other programs

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 07/28/97

On Monday, July 28, 1997 9:33 PM, Co-Sysop [SMTP:dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM]
> I have been coding my MUD for a while and i have added a few things to the
> code but nothing drastic.  Until recently I was just going to have to spend
> a lot of money to run my MUD but now I found someone who will do it for
> free
> on his server.  What I need to know before I go ahead and do this and start
> causing problems is how does CircleMUD interfere with web servers, mail
> servers, and other communications programs that are running?  On a Windows
> NT 4.0 server running multiple programs would MUD crashes and general MUD
> use cause problems with the other programs or cause them to crash as well?
> I have heard all about MUD crashes but I haven't actually seen one and I
> don't know what it does to the system.  Also, with 32 mb ram and a pentium
> pro 200 would the system be slowed down by the MUD?  I would hate for his
> system to crash and cause him to lose business because of the MUD.
> Any advice would be helpful.

1) Add memory. The more the better. NT likes a _lot_ of memory.

2) Depends on the crash. NT does seem to shrug off crashes pretty well.


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