Re: [NEWBIE] Installation of OLC

From: Christian Duvall (chris@DP.NET)
Date: 07/29/97

Dark Shadow wrote:
> What's the best OLC to use?  Oasis is impossible to install and obuild
> lacks features...anyone have any ideas?  I am running 30bpl11.
1) Oasis is as easy as typing patch < oasisolc.patch, why would you
think that is hard? Also, There is a copy of source out there with Oasis
pre installed for those who can't type patch < oasis.patch.
2) Obuild (even though I hate it) has redwalk and a few other features
that work rather well for builders, if you had to "settle" for obuild
consider yourself lucky to have olc, and not have all your builders
offline. (cause not many builders like to work offline)
Do a altavista or some search for oasis, you will find many copies, and
one must work for you.
Christian Duvall

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