Re: [NEWBIE] CircleMUD and problems with

From: Co-Sysop (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM)
Date: 07/29/97

At 04:22 PM 7/29/97 -0400, Dark Shadow wrote:
>Be a real man, use linux, and discover what real multitasking is.

although i do think learning a new operating system would be a lot of fun
(whoopie!) I really don't have the time.  And I get to put it on his server
for FREE.  so the total cost to me is only $FREE!  I can't just ask him to
change his OS so that i can run my MUD for he would have to get
new software to do all of the stuff his current software does and i don't
think it would be free after all that.  Its either WinNT or I have to buy
all sorts of expensive equipment and a ISDN or T1 (which I can't afford) and
then i would just end up getting a winNT system anyway because i have a
bunch of games that i can't possibly live without :)  but luckily i have
just been informed by mail that i have won 11 million dollars so i can just
go and max out my credit cards buying computers and puppies.......

enough of that nonsense...

I was just thinking about some spells and i thought up this spell that would
remove the targets weapon and send it to a random location in my little
MUDland...  So all I need to do is check if they have a weapon, then remove
that weapon and then find a random room to put it in...I'm pretty sure i can
find how to remove the weapon (remove command) and how to find a random room
(teleport spell) but how would i check if they have a weapon?  I can't think
of where to look for this.  I think putting the weapon in a randomly chosen
room would be pretty easy but I'm a newbie coder.  If anyone has any ideas
on this I would really appreciate the help...  If you feel like flaming I
will ruin it for you right now:
I don't know anything about C and i need to learn how to code and I'll never
amount to anything and my feet stink........

thanks for everyone's help and sorry about the long message.  sometimes i
have a lot to say...

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