Re: [ Code ] My previous post...

From: Rasdan (rasdan@PEAK.ORG)
Date: 07/30/97

> Banzai!
>  Hm, I didn't notice that before, but ch is not set on NULL upon
> extracting... ? I think it should be... Because I tried to use if to check
> if char is still there, but... *groink* it was there... then I tried to
> get IN_ROOM(ch) and it croaked again... *grumble*

Use gdb if on a Linux box, it will help you immensely in figuring out the

just do:

gdb bin/circle lib/core

bt (backtrace)

and then frame the line that looks suspicious and do:
print *ch

will display everything about the ch in the line in question

Hope what little bit I can give as far as this goes helps out.


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