Re: tagged world files

From: Desmond Daignault (tekdd@DTOL.DATATIMES.COM)
Date: 07/30/97

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Sammy wrote:

[[ stuff about SMAUG snipped ]]

=>Has anyone considered changing the world files into a more generic format?
=>I've toyed with the idea of using a tagged entry system (as in the pfile
=>patch).  It may seem like a waste of effort, but I'm thinking it could
=>eliminate some of the world parsing code if done right, and would make
=>adding variables easier.

I have thought of doing this as well.  By using tags, the world files
would be "readable" and would put the bulk of the processing into a
similiar funtion as the one used for player files.  The only downfall I
can see with this method is backwards compatability. (but can easily be
solved by adding a -VERSION- tag to the front of all "new" world files.
Then if the tag isn't there, treat it with the old parse_x functions.  The
number of strcmps and what not is irrevelant at this point in the code,
because the mud is going through the bootup process. (no players on anyway
so who cares how long it takes, unless you are doing the copyover thingy.
then they might care. *shrug*).

One of my goals is to have a "standard" format for all of the files, rent,
plr, mail, wld, shp, etc.  This would allow me to reuse code much more
effectively and by using ascii text, make it more portable between hosts.

On the otherhand.  Using a database scheme like Oracle or something like
that has crossed my mind.  But I am lazy and will wait to go that route
when I find a db that is portable to dos and unix and is easy to use. heh.



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