Re: [newbie] Wear Positions.

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@EOLA.AO.NET)
Date: 07/30/97

> What files are neccesary to edit in order to create new wear positions
> for eq?  If possible, can i have a walkthrough?

This was literally the second thing I did on our mud.
There isnt a doc on it that I know of, but what worked for me is:

pick an existing wearpos that is similar to the one you want to add (i.e.
can wear one or two fo them)

The grep FOOT (or whatever) *.c *.h in your src dir.  write down all those
files it spits out at you, to be complete try grepping for foot and Foot
as well.  (I know there is a grep option for no case sensitiviy, but I can
never remember it). The only thing you should catch with this is the
messages for wearing and removing stuff. (act.obj.c I think)

Add in your code (cut and paste with some name changes) and compile.  You
will probably get some errors, find them, look at the other code, fix and

If you arent on a un*x system, grep wont work for you, but I seem to
recall mention of a windows util close to it.

Good luck

Ghost Shaidan

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