Re: [NEWBIE] Shutdown

From: Gone Crazy (aott@PW1.PRAIRIEWEB.COM)
Date: 07/31/97

>For some unknown reason I have 2 instances on the mud running at the
>same time and i can log into both with the same char. The problem is
>that shutdown die isn't stopping the mud - it just reboots. Is there another
>way of stopping it either while logged in or through the server? It's a Unix
End Quote

From your unix shell you can kill the process that the second mud is runing.
To see the process at a shell prompt type:
ps -u username
that will show you the process ID number usually called PID#
After you get that you can type
kill -9 PID#
and that will kill the process, remember that you have to kill the autorun
script and then the instance of the mud.  The funnest part is figuring out
which mud is the one you want to kill.  You might have to kill both of them
and then restart the normal mud.

-=Gone Crazy=-

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