Re[2]: [CODE QUESTION] Help for a 'throw' skill.

Date: 08/01/97

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>         Greetings all.
>         I have a question regarding a skill I would like to put in for
> thieves (thieves on my MUD are the worse class). Anyways, it will allow
> the player if he is holding an ITEM_THROW weapon, to throw it during
> battle, or to initiate a battle.

You should take a look at obj_from_char() and obj_to_char() :)

There is the key for most of the stuff :)
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     also, go look at the ranged combat ( or something like that ) patch on
     either the ftp or the snippet site... *grumble*  you are getting into
     something that has a lot of factor to take into account, like, what
     does a mob do when you hit it, just sit there? what about its friends?
     those in its group?  what about peace rooms? .....

     Good luck


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