Re: [NEWBIE] Shutdown

From: Justin Blackman (jpb@MAILER.GADCOMM.NET)
Date: 08/01/97

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Mark Young wrote:

> For some unknown reason I have 2 instances on the mud running at the
> same time and i can log into both with the same char. The problem is
> that shutdown die isn't stopping the mud - it just reboots. Is there another
> way of stopping it either while logged in or through the server? It's a Unix
> server.
> I've only been doing this since monday so have a bit of patience please. :-)
   Type ps to get a list of jobs that are being run by your account. Find
the ones that say bin/circle 4000  and sh autorun, or something similar.
Kill the pid's with the 'kill' command.

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