Re: [NEWBIE] Shutdown 97 02:05:00 pm

From: System Administrator (admin@VISIONSOFT.COM)
Date: 08/01/97

> For some unknown reason I have 2 instances on the mud running at the
> same time and i can log into both with the same char. The problem is
> that shutdown die isn't stopping the mud - it just reboots. Is there another
> way of stopping it either while logged in or through the server? It's a Unix
> server.
> I've only been doing this since monday so have a bit of patience please. :-)

 You obviously ran 'autorun&' twice, causing the mud to run another process
 of itself! You can kill the second process by killing the PID. You can use
 the command 'ps -aux | more' to find the second instance of the mud
 process. Then type 'kill -9 <process ID>, this of course is dependant on
 having the appropriate access to the process. As to your original problem
 of the mud not quiting, you probably have something amiss with the autorun
 script, preventing an proper haulting process with shutdown die!

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