Re: C -> C++

From: Sean Daley (daley@IDT.NET)
Date: 08/02/97

Nathan Davies wrote:
> > ObCircle:
> >   Has anyone converted the structs to classes? I will try soon, but i
> don't
> > know that much.. if any has ideas i would appreciate it.
> >
> > Matt
> Well...This is basically what's involved in going from C to C++...
> But to change a structure to a class is simple...rename it as a class...and
> poof...done.

Well not to get nitpicky or anything but there is a little more than
for if all you do is change struct to class everywhere, your program
won't work too well (heck shouldn't even compile too well without a
billion warnings) as your next statement about access alludes to (since
the default
access is different) :)

sean daley

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