Comparing with SMAUG

From: John Watson (jwatson@MAGIBOX.NET)
Date: 08/03/97

This is not a request just a simple pat on the back to the coders of Circle
(coders need that occasionally).  I do not care to change SMAUG because it
would then be a derivative (which means I would have to change most all of
it to get it to my tastes).  What the admins wanted was a turn key system
so they could implement what they wanted online and no need for a coder.
They got what they wanted, no coders and turn key operation, but there are
still a few problems.  I have been on when it has crashed but I will admit
it is rare for that to happen.  I just simply like Circle better when I
take into account everything.

> From: Sammy <samedi@DHC.NET>

> There's bad code lazy and then there's no code lazy.  A non-lazy person
> your situation would probably either add the desired features to circle,
> or clean up the smaug code.
> On the other hand, if Jeremey and the other big coder deities are going
> write a custom mud for you, you'll need to be a lot more specific about
> your design criteria.

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