[DISCUSSION] Science fiction/science fantasy MUD ideas

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@JUNCTIONNET.COM)
Date: 08/05/97

I am looking for anyone's ideas regarding features, commands, or other
things to do with sci-fi/sci-fantasy MUD's, and in particular, anything
that you have seen, or would like to see on CirlceMUD.  I am working on
collecting some ideas for building a sci-fantasy (like Rifts or
Shadowrun, where magic still exists) MUD.  If you have seen any features,
or want to see any features, please tell me.  If you have seen a sci-fi
snippet for another code base, please also point me to it so that I can
possibly convert it to CircleMUD.  Yes, I know that this is only mildly
related to circle, but I am looking for ideas that you feel can be
implemented easily into circle.  Even if you think they can't tell me,
maybe I can find a way.  I am NOT asking anyone to code for me (as I
perfer to do my own coding) I am just collecting ideas right now.


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