Re: [NEWBIE] New MUD Questions

From: Franco Gasperino (awe@CET.COM)
Date: 08/06/97

  Compiling on a PowerMac? Interesting idea, although I believe the
amount of porting from crossing platforms, include directory structures,
and moving to a RISC based chip (not sure about the RISC port, if it makes
any difference...) might be a large jump into deep waters for you, having
read your last few posts. However, when (if) you get this done, I'm sure
it will have great value if you wish to donate it to the public. Good way
to get your name out there.

                       Franco Gasperino
                       Cutting Edge Communications, Inc.
                       Unix System Administrator

On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Daniel Whelan wrote:
> OK. I'll go read that. I should have a running version of the CircleMUD 3.0
> distribution today or tomorrow. I'm compiling it on my PowerMac, so it's
> not quite as easy to compile as on UNIX.
> Daniel

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