Spec-Proc / Renting Question

From: (pure@SPRINT.COM.AU)
Date: 08/07/97

    I'm adding a new check for renting at a receptionist. Along with
rent and offer i'm having a pay command. I'm not sure how to check to
see what their argument is, there.

i thought using two_arguments(arg, buf, buf2); might work, but if i
type in pay 10, then buf is pay (of course) but buf2 is "" which is
nothing. I thought it would be 10 or whatever preceeded pay.

Any help .. (Sammy :)  )

Remember, i'm in a local function , that is called just after the ....

if (CMD_IS("rent")) {
... heavily modified ....
else if (CMD_IS ("pay"))
    buy_rent_hours (ch, rent);    /* <---- IN HERE (in that func) is
where i want to have the
                                                        second arg
  /* here means offer */
.. modified ...
etc etc


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