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From: Hans H. Hjort (hjort@S-96-226.RESNET.OHIO-STATE.EDU)
Date: 08/07/97

On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Darklord wrote:

> >  If you thought Bio-Hazard was pretty cool as far as the code the first
> >time.. be sure to check out Bio-Hazard ][.  By the way.. my application
> >is going into Sierra Online.. or whatever.. creaters of Warcraft ][, Leisure
> >suit Larry, Diablo, this month.. so will see what comes up.. i know one
> >of the main dudes personally and the business is only 45 minutes away from
> >my house.. ill keep ya posted.
> Actuall WarCraft II and Diablo are from Blizzard.
> - Chris Jacobson
> Ok Chris.. Just for the record.. And im sure you didnt know this along
> with the rest of the world.. but Sierra Online ownes Blizzard.  If you
> dont believe me ill give you the number so you can call them up your self.
> Soo.. after spending an hour talking to one of the dudes (I know his name)
> who has worked their before Atari tried to sue their ass.. (which you
> probably didnt know) ... thats what he told me... Blizzard is owned
> by Sierra Online.. just that its at a different branch..
> -Darklord

        I was suprised to learn this, so I figured I would fire up
my web browser to see if it was true.  I could only find corporate info
at the Blizzard site, which claims that CUC Software owns both Blizzard
and Sierra.  So from what I have seen, it appears that Blizzard and
Sierra Online or two branches of the same corp., rather than Blizzard
being a branch of Sierra.

Just picking nits,

                                                -Hans H Hjort

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