Re[2]: Aggr mobs - with races added

Date: 08/07/97

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As already suggested, it might be a good idea to make a MOB_AGGR_MOB and
model it after the other aggressive flags.  This approach, however, lends
itself to more than one problem.  First, the idea of having 40-100 fights
during the game at any given time is not a very enjoyable idea.  If it were
a dream, it'd be classified as a nightmare, and undoubtedly sysadmins would
throw a fit about such a thing.

My main suggestion would be to use spec-procs to make only particular mobs
attack other mobs of a particular kind, or severely limit the number of
MOB_AGGR_MOB flags.  Of course, I think that mobs are much too much like
cardboard cutouts.  They should be more than fodder for the canabalistic
warrior that roams the variety of multiverses.
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     - welcome back from vaca dan.

     - how about giving all mobs races, having a 2d array that contains the
     relations of one race to the other. on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being
     friendly, 10 being aggro, the rest you decide. (make it 1 and 0 and
     you can just use bits, 1 vector for each race, but then you can only
     have 32 races.)  include both mob and PC races. then you can have the
     inhabitants of different parts of the zone at war with each other...
     the evil dark dwarves fighting back a incursion from the gem hunting
     gnomes and such...  the roo's vs the aboriginies Down Under.  trolls
     vs orcs in that merc gang land.  and if you don't want the races in
     one zone attacking the other, just make them friendly.  really helpful
     for polymorphed chars  :) to save processor, maybe only do the check
     on char_to_room.


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