Re: [NEWBIE] Getting OasisOLC

From: Stephen Arnold (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 08/07/97

> Look, I've never used it so I asked a question. If you don't feel like
> answering because you think it's a stupid question, than don't answer. But
> don't go around wasting bandwidth...I couldn't read the code, faq, OR
> documentation because I needed to know where to get it. Now that I have
> that, thanks to a much nicer person than you, I am going to download it and
> read it. And no, I don't know what UYFGGCS means.
        Well the question was so ridiculously dumb, that you have to
wonder why the hell you are running a MUD in the first place. The list is
for coding questions about code, you should have some idea of how to code,
if not, your in the wrong place.

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