Re: Windows 95 Crash vs Linux Work??

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 08/07/97

On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Stephen Marz wrote:

-+Anyone know why this would work in linux, but crash Windows 95?  I have
-+narrowed it down to this, and in the windows version took it out, and NO
-+MORE CRASHES, I really don't understand why this would crash Windows 95,
-+any suggestions?

Windows 95, by some strange twist of fate, is more "picky" about memory
than Linux (and for that matter, most other things).  This is (one might
theorize) because Win95 needs so much of that memory, it has to be careful
about what everything does with it.  The actually reasoning is not
relevant, anyway.

The point is that programs will crash on Win95 when they touch memory they're
not supposed to (or memory that Windows doesn't think it should).  This is
often times in the manifestation of hooking onto something "null".  While
Linux might crash on some of the more serious offenses, it does not complain
about quite so muc as Windows does.  Through this I have come to the
conclusion that "descriptor_list->character" (referred to as d->character) is
null, or the descriptor_list itself is null.

-+/*struct char_data *ch;
-+struct descriptor_data *d;
-+extern struct descriptor_data *descriptor_list;   <-- BUG
-+d = descriptor_list;
-+ch = d->character;*/

Aside from the actual cause of the problem, the question remains as to *why*
this is here.  From my understanding of mag_assign_spells, it sits independant
of characters; and, in fact, is called during initialization of the game where
there is no characters online.  Therefore it doesn't make sense for such a
thing to be sitting in mag_assign_spells().  Perhaps you should reexamine
the purpose of this code, or clearify on the list why you have inserted such
a thing?

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