Re: Class Implementation

From: Stephen Marz (smarz@MAIL.TDS.NET)
Date: 08/07/97

Hans H. Hjort wrote:

> On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Stephen Marz wrote:
> is race_letter a char? if so, then the format string should be
> "%s %s %d %c %c", otherwise if you have
> char race_letter[];
> then you don't need the & in front of it.
> Ahh, big problem, you can't use switch on strings. if you want
> race_letter to be a string, you will need to use a bunch of strcmp's
> and
> if statements.

In fact race_letter is a char, and what puzzles me is that in that
statement, when reading from the file, &letter is switched as a string,
defining wether it is an 'E'nhanced, or 'S'imple.

I have defined it as %s but it only read the first character of the
string, I will have to go back into the code and revise.

Thanks for the response..

Stephen Marz

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