Re: [CODE] "chown"

From: Ron Cole (roncole@SHORE.INTERCOM.NET)
Date: 08/08/97

>Although the force command takes to hints to give to the char, if the
>character is very subborn, he would make a trigger that whenever it is
>forced to rem sword, then he would wield sword, I guess it is possible,
>but I see where chown would come in handy.

In that case, purge <char>, set file <char> delete on, get sword, purge, works
even better...

But if you're not the sort to be that mean:

alias takefrom at $1 force $1 rem $2;at $1 force $1 give $2 <you>

takefrom <player> <object>

That should prevent him from triggering anything fast enough, and you would have
to be visible to him also.  Or change it to force a drop, and then get it.


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