Re: windows off-line builder

From: Alex (fletcher@DEMOCRACY.QUEENSU.CA)
Date: 08/09/97

> I can't octet encode sorry, it will have to be mime, perhaps someone can
> get this and octet encode it if necessary..
Didn't you read the FAQ?  Neither Octet Encoding, *nor* MIME encoding is
allowable on this mailing list.

> if I can get a program that will octet encode this, i'll post the source
> code, I'm bad enough posting in mime :)
If you do, don't expect to ever post to this mailing list again.  There is
an FTP server for a reason.  Use it.  *Never* post fucking applications on
this mailing list.  Not everyone will want to use them.  Try using the FTP
server, let people download it at their fucking leisure.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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