From: Heartless (pab1@KEENE.EDU)
Date: 08/09/97

        Folks, can't we restrict flames to private messages?  I figure I
get about 40 messages a day from this list, and lately an incredible
amount of them have been flames.  I understand a whole lot of people were
upset (myself included) about the recent posting of that offline editor,
but don't you think you were bogging down the list further by publicly
flaming the person responsible?  This applies to all the newbie bashing
that goes on here too.  I recognize that 99.9% of those newbies just need
to check out the FAQ or read the code, but you're everyone's time and
bandwidth by adding a "RTFC, you meathead."
        If you're frustrated, write them a PRIVATE message.  I'm sick of
seeing it on an otherwise incredibly useful list.

PS - I recognize that the administration of this list periodically needs
to post policy messages that come in the form of flames, so this doesn't
apply to you.  I also recognize that this is a flame about a flame (great
irony, huh?) but I'm hoping it might cause folks to realize how annoying
it is.

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