Re: compiling errors at Aug 12, 97 03:01:00 pm

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 08/12/97

>   It compiled fine, but the mud will not boot.
> Format error in world/zon/25.zon, line 27: 'G 1 2504 100
>                     Silce Of Traveller's Bread'
> do I have to change all the zone files by hand now, or did I
> misinterpret that line of instructions?

hrm..yeah...because of either oasis or the percent loading patch, i
already had a fourth argument in my zon files...the easiest way to fix
this would be to put it back to the way it was, with all of the changes
made to zedit.c, then save each zon file again..this'll have all of the
correct number of args for the G command..then you can change the db.c
part so that it boots up 4 args..


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