Re: [newbie] exits

From: Derek L. Karnes (dkarnes@MYSTECH.COM)
Date: 08/15/97

Nathan Davies wrote:
> > I was recently on a smaug mud watching a friend of mine build a zone, and
> > saw that smaug mud has the ability to make doors secret.  E.G, if there
> > is a closed door to the west, it will not give you the {the closet is
> > closed} message.  Is there a way to port that part of the code from smaug
> > to circle?   This would be great, because seeing doors by walking into
> > them ruins the challenge of reading room descriptions, etc, etc.  :P
> >
> > Thanks
> > Tim Davis
> Simple to add, if you can code.  Just make another exit flag, EX_SECRET and
> add a check for it in procs like do_exits, look_in_direction, perform_move,
> etc...
> You'll have to make some bigger changes to olc/db though, cuz the code
> doesn't take into account expandability, just assumes you'll never have
> more than the 3 or so flags it has...

Easier than the flag is to check the door name for the word "secret" in
the places Nathan mentioned, that way olc and structs.h stays the same.

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