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From: Darklord (mattm@KRON.CS.CSUFRESNO.EDU)
Date: 08/15/97

> Daniel Kopeke Wrote -                                  It sounds like
> you're saying that instead of storying "who" you're hashing it as "ohw"
> backwards.  You also imply that there is someway to circumvent the need for
> a NULL character at the end of a string in C by reversing the order.  C
> doesn't know (or care) whether a string is backwards or forwards, or what
> the string contains, as long as the string doesn't go beyond itsbouns.

Humm.. as for the storying .. it seems No.. im not hashing it as "ohw"...
but as "who" in the hash table named list.  The mask is -1 of the size
striping of the null of the string.. i am well aware of the fact that
strings are terminated with a null and makes no difference weather the
order is reversed.  (Argeed here daniel);

Reason for the mask is so that i can reference the contents of  the string
withought it actually being a string .. rather as a ptr with an addres..
enought said.. i think you got the idea.. im not hashing strings.

why hash strings. mine as well use stock interpreter. afterall.. its not
all THAT slow.  :)

Several benifits of my system enable me to copy a previous command
weather it was 100 arguments old.. all i simply have to do is bring
up the address of that old argument.. and it automatically generates
the string that was saved in it at the time of entry.  Thus all of this
being hashed... so i dont have a bunch of loops encompassing some sort
of written out history list saved to HD.

  Still confused.


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