bpl12 Suggestions

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 08/16/97

Changes that I think should be in bpl12 (any rebuttals against?)

C++ Patch #1 & #2
        - CircleMUD compile/link under g++
Stock Patch #1
        - Bug fixed to allow spells cast on equipment worn.
        - Fixed do_advance to show demotion message to correct person
SP #2
        - Gets rid of the olc.c warning.
SP #3
        - Automatic dependancies in Makefile
SP #4
        - Loaded objects appear in inventory, not ground
SP #6
        - Pedant fixes.
SP #7
        - Fixes a couple bugs in 'tell' and 'reply'
SP #8
        - More pedant fixes.
SP #9
        - Pedant fixes to utilities.
Curse Patch
        - Gives a reason for cursed equipemnt.
SP #10
        - Prevents old mudpasswd and purgeplay from corrupting pfile.
SP #11
        - Stack overflow bugfix.
SP #12
        - Allows more flexible placement of direction commands.
SP #13
        - More descriptive exits.
SP #15
        - Adds missing log() statement.
SP #16
        - Mail file handling bugfixes
SP #17
        - sprintf()+log() enhancement.
SP #18
        - sprintf()+mudlog() enhancement.
(2*) Patch
        - No more spam from lots of objects on the ground or inventory.

ASCII Pfiles
Board message order reversed so newest is at top.
Better buffer system. (Current system allows overwriting by other funtions
and many functions just define local arrays to avoid that, defeating the
purpose of a global buffer system.)

I though I had a patch for the board order switch but I guess not.  I am
working on an ASCII Pfile system but it's designed for C++ instead.  I'd
recommend my buffer system but I'm not done converting all the 'buf' 'buf2'
'buf1' and 'arg' variables into local ones using my new system.  CircleMUD
also has way too many 'return' statements in a lot of the functions, like
do_pour for example.

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