[CODING] Racial Minimums/Maximums

From: Robert A. Hayden (rhayden@ORION.MEANS.NET)
Date: 08/16/97

I am in the process of bringing my pl11 mud up and have recently finished
implementing races (19 in total, including those pesky humans).  I've
looked through everything I could find for some kind of a system that
allows you to define racial maximums (and minimums) for attributes.  Right
now, the setup just adds or subtracts the defined modifier at generation,
but doesn't seem to hold that as a maximum in the game.

ie, if a troll has a racial maximum of 22 con, they shouldn't be able to
exceed that even with magical items.  At the same time, the get a minus
some-high-number on int, but I want to make sure they don't go below a
certain number on character generation or in the game (I suspect negative
numbers could do ugly things).

Does that make sense?

Also, on a site note, when characters are generated, those with high
strenght (like the above troll, with a +3 str modifier) roll exceptional
strength only on their racial maximum, not on an 18.  Ie, a troll might
end up with a 21/57 str, but always get an 18/00.  Any ideas on that one?

Thanks for your time.

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