Re: [ Off-Topic ] Signatures, Code... Stuff...

From: Michael Bishop (mbishop@WONDERLINK.NET)
Date: 08/17/97

It depends on what exactly you are coding, because the compiler can optimize a switch easier than it can a bunch of if's, but you'll never notice that difference.  If you want an increase and you can break the if's to perform similar to a binary search, you'll get a much better improvement.
Instead of:

        if (a == 1)
        else if (a == 2)
        else if (a == 3)
        else if (a == 4)

you can put

        if (a <=2 )
                if (a ==1)
                else if (a == 2)
                if (a == 3)
                else if (a == 4)

The more choices there are the more the speedup will be.  But be warned that your code becomes hard to read and debug, which is worse than running slow.


 Now something about the coding... What will run faster a bunch of if's or
switch? :)


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