Re: olc

From: Ron Cole (roncole@SHORE.INTERCOM.NET)
Date: 08/18/97

>I don't quite follow.  You want docs on adding new prototypes to the
>indices?  I remember a while back there were a lot of ideas discussed
>which you can probably find in the archives.

That was it, I know I saw some of it before I became a coder on a live mud, but
I don't recall it as being a comprehensive guide to all the problems involved.

If I get around to really trying to make our OLC stable, I'll prolly just toss
out the arrays in favor of a linked list, and get rid of all the problems.

>That's how I do it now.  Actually, Johan Eenfeldt wrote the code.  A
>binary search is performed on the boot-loaded part of the array first, and
>if that fails it does a sequential search of any new prototypes.

Ah, good.  I was just poking around in our code a few weeks ago, and discovered
the old sequential search was still in there from a previous attempt to use
obuild.  It was replaced by Oasis because it was crashing too much...  nothing
much was gained by the switch, except the pretty, but slow, menus.  I much
preferred the command based editor when I was a builder.  Combined with a little
macro programming in tinyfugue, it was a very efficient way to build online.

Perhaps you might consider making Obuild co-exist better with Oasis.  I recall
seeing a few people here do it manually.  If the current project to fix Oasis
works out, then those who can't decide on a preferred interface, won't have
to... :-)


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