[RP] Object Edescs (was Re: Contributions)

From: d. hall (dhall@APK.NET)
Date: 08/18/97

// thus on Mon, 18 Aug 1997 11:27:12 -0500, Patrick virtually wrote:

Patrick> This bow is cast from some dark, oily wood.  The grip and guard
Patrick> are formed from some unknown fur, bound to the bow by rawhide
Patrick> ties. Though the bow is battle-scarred, it looks strong and
Patrick> dependable.

Patrick> Of course, it dosen't bring up this description for every bow - it
Patrick> changes everything from the wood, to the grip, to the string,
Patrick> condition, engravings, end caps, etc.  And it does this sort of
Patrick> thing for every item it creates. This is a primo example of
Patrick> enhancing role playing.

I've been working on extending the use of extra descriptions, to the point
where they are used as format specifiers for special procedures.

Also been trying to make an prototype object table, all objects are derived
from a base table of objects.  It's my hope that having such a table
prevents the item "escalation" that I have encountered.

Anyways, having a randomized edesc generator would be a very nice idea.
Right now with the object code, I've tweaked with making the object names
generated from the object's material.

If the long sword is made from steel, then the keywords are "sword long
steel" and the name is "steel long sword".  If random edesc were combined
with the name generator then certain examples of...

        a runed long sword
        an emerald hilted long sword
        an engraved longbow

Hard part is getting all the variables synchronized in a sane fashion, and
easily customizable enough in the long run.

I've been thinking of an ascii file (the format parsing UI is borrowed
heavily from ISC's Bind 8.1.1).

item-material {
   class "metal" {
   // material, percentage
      "bronze",    10;
      "steel",     50;
      "iron",      33;
      "mithril",    5;
      "adamantite", 2;
   class "wood_bow" {
      "yew",      50;
      "hornwood", 20;
   class "wood_staff" {
   class "leather_item" {
      "soft leather", 40;
      "hard leather", 30;
      "rawhide",      20;
      "chamois",      10;
   class "leather_armor" {

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