Re: Generic OLC Idea

From: Matt Houston (chrono@S-LINK.DE)
Date: 08/18/97

Hey all,
  Ive been doing this some. I'm working on the creating of things right
now, so create_room, create_mob, etc will create the thing and save it
internally. I started with the OasisOLC, but didn't like the way it went
about creating new stuff.  I still have the menus, but you can only edit
already existing things.  I am working towards what has talked about, i
like more command-driven, but others i know like the menus. Ill
eventually get to the editing part where you just edit room 1204 and if
it exists it will take you to the menu, but if you put edit room 1204
flags DEATH it iwll add the death flag.. or edit room 1204 flags, and
you will go to the flags menu.. Im working on it and nowhere to where i
want it, but the editing is funciton as it was in OasisOLC (menu-driven

Matt Houston

George wrote:
> Make the file olc.c contain numerous generic routines such as add_room or
> delete_room to be used by any olc.  Then the code among OasisOLC, Obuild,
> and jOLC (Jeremy's) can share some base code.  This would allow for more
> compatibility among the three of them (as soon as they are all finished).
> It would also lessen the changes required to go to a linked list world
> system or any other drastic changes.
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