Newbie C ?tion

From: Justin (c616077@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU)
Date: 08/18/97

Okay, this is truelly newbie, but..
Remember when the list was talking about different types of damage.  I was
already prepared to do that, and I have an interger in my spello for a
bitvector pertaining to types of damage (fire, ice, elec) and other
restrictions (can't hit flyers, can't hit evils, etc).  So I'm trying to
make a define statement to represent checking for a quality in the spell's
damage.  This is what I have currently in utils.h:
#define SPELLDAM        spell_info.dam_type
#define DAM_TYPE(flag, bit)     (IS_SET((flag), (bit)))

And I've done a few other variations of this, trying to learn on my own
how to do this correctly, like
#define SPELLDAM        struct spell_info_type spell_info.dam_type

But I am thoroughly lost now.  My friend who knows C more than I decided
to work the night shift till school starts, so I can't get ahold of him.
Any pointers out there, please?

Thanks as always,

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