Re: Servers

Date: 08/18/97

Robert A. Hayden wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Yolan wrote:
> > Could anyone tell me a cheap or not too expensive place to get a server?
> > I have so far found a 45 (linux) doller one and a 30 (os solaris)one.
> What is considered an "acceptable" rate?  We have a couple idle machines
> at my office and I'm thinking of proposing turning one of them (an Alpha
> 400) into a combination prototype machine and mud server.  it'd have
> direct 100MBit connection and oddles of space.
> What would people pay for this kind of a service?

I wouldn't pay anything.  There are folks out there who will let you run your MUD on
their server for free;  it's merely a matter of finding them (and finding them first).
But thats just me, I guess some folks are desperate for the headaches of Implementing.


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