Re: bpl12 Suggestions Fischer" at Aug 18, 97 04:39:15 pm

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 08/18/97

> I'd have to disagree.  Human readable should still be high on importance.
> The only thing I use the OLC for is walking around the zone making sure
> doors are set correctly, exits line up, etc.  Most of the builders I've
> watched (using OLC) spend more time tweaking stats than they do writing
> good descriptions, and trying to preserve game balance.

How about not letting them edit the stats of mobs? Instead, make a
power rating level for each mob. The builder can use the power
rating to show how strong the mobs in the area should be in
relation to each other. After the builder is done, you just set
all the mob's stats according to their power rating. Of course,
it would vary depending on what levels the area is for: newbies,
mid-level, high-levels, etc. For instance, if you used a 0 to 100
rating system, a 100 rated mob in a newbie zone would have weaker
stats than a 100 rated mob in a higher-level zone. Sound good?

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