Re: Buffer system

From: Desmond Daignault (tekdd@DTOL.DATATIMES.COM)
Date: 08/19/97

=>        Stock circle does not come with reboot-only items, though if
=>you're tricky, you can make use silly things like a no-reset zone, etc.
=>How about we make it a little different then, and add a RARE flag.  Here's
=>the guts of it, you'll have to add a bit to constants.c and olc.h to make
=>it work for olc,  and display correctly, but heres how I did it (cheap 'n'
=>in reset_zone(), make sure you intitlize the following:
=>  time_t mytime;
=>  extern time_t boot_time;
=>  mytime=time(0)-boot_time;
=>... then under the "case 'O':" line (read an object..)
=>          if(IS_OBJ_STAT(obj,ITEM_RARE) && (((mytime / 60) % 60) <= 1))
=>            obj->in_room=NOWHERE;

Another method would be to add another %d to the fscanf in parse_zones and
add a variable to the zone command structure.  When you parse the zones
you can have it check to see if that extra %d was missing from the zone
file and just set it to 0 in the command struct.  Then inside the reset
zone function just have it check to see if that value is !0, instead of
ITEM_RARE.  This would also work for equiping mobs and giving objects to

*shrug* just a random thought as to how I would do it without wasting an
ITEM_xxxx value. heh.



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