Re: bpl12 Suggestions Fischer at "Aug 18, 97 04:39:15 pm"

From: Geek U.S.A. (wishkah@REDBRICK.DCU.IE)
Date: 08/19/97

Jason Fischer says:
> Most of the builders I've
> watched (using OLC) spend more time tweaking stats than they do writing
> good descriptions, and trying to preserve game balance.
> I'm still of the opinion that truely good zones come out of text editors.

 Sounds like you've got the wrong kind of builders. The most important
 think to look for in a builder is writing ability and imagination -
 game balance is irrelevant if the game isn't enjoyable. Descriptions
 are the single most important thing in a MUD (kind of). Anyone can
 make a mob using OLC, or even a text editor or piece of paper if
 they've got the patience, but good writing is what makes a MUD great.
 After all, it's a text-based game, and if the text sucks, the game
 sucks. OLC is fine if you've got the right people using it.


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