Re: Buffers from "George" at Aug 20, 97 01:26:03 am

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 08/19/97

Nice patch. =)
However, there's a problem...

In buffer.h and buffer.c you use __FUNCTION__ a couple of times.
It appears that __FUNCTION__ isn't ansi standard.... my compiler
barfs on it, and a web reference and K&R2 only list the
following predefined names:  __LINE__, __FILE__, __DATE__,
__TIME__, and __STDC__. I got around it by using __FILE__
instead. It's not as informative as __FUNCTION__ would be,
but with the line number it's good enough.

BTW, have you profiled a mud with the buffer code yet? I'd be
interested in seeing the results. (I have trouble with my
current compiler and profilers... long story.. :)
Also, how about adding the ability to collect statistics on
buffer usage? (ie- ratio of small buffers to players, ratio
of large buffers to players, max number of buffers used,
average number of large buffers used, etc, etc).
Once again, thanks for the cool patch. =)

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