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From: Geek U.S.A. (wishkah@REDBRICK.DCU.IE)
Date: 08/19/97

Daniel Koepke says:
> I think, in general, that what tools the builders use matters less than
> who the builder is.


 Wow, that was a really useful and informative mail. Kudos to ya.

 Annyway, I'm imping on a likkle MUD which, due to fascist bastard
 Computer Services department is inaccessible outside my not-too-large
 college, so I don't know how this idea will apply to all you high-powered
 all-over-the-world MUDders, but this is the system we came up with
 for choosing builders. 'Course, we have to keep number of builders
 down, coz of our small userbase, if we take on too many there'll be
 nobody left to play it.

 Player applies via email to become a builder.
 We mail player some nice help-file we found somewhere telling you exactly
 how all the .wld, .mob etc. files are made up and with examples of them.
 We tell the hopeful to read it, and make an area of about a dozen rooms,
 with a theme, story, mobs, objects etc., using a text editor (which can
 be a pencil, if they're so inclined).
 We look at it, if they can be bothered to slog through all that, and if
 it's reasonably well-written and technically correct we'll advance them
 to builder level.

 Now, we haven't actually had a chance to try this system out yet, but
 it seems to be the best one for us. It shows a willingness to learn
 the technical aspects, forces them to find out how the files are made
 which is REALLY useful to know later on in life, and also proves they've
 got imagination, with, and The Right Stuff(tm).

 How this'd apply in the Big Bad World where you've got lots of experienced
 builders to choose from (or do you?) I don't know, but hopefully
 somebody'll be able to get something from this discussion.

 Hello world, by the way. :)


 Shane\Wishkah\Penzance (delete as appropriate)

 Currently awaiting inspiration regarding witty .sig content.

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