[Newbie] Questions about the 128 bit array

From: Jeffrey A. Robertson (nix@PCONLINE.COM)
Date: 08/21/97

        Hey all, got a questions for ya...

        We put in the 128 bit stuff last night, and all in
        all it went fairly painlessly.  I did have 1 question
        though.  The snippet says to do the following in magic.c:

------- begin included text -------

change to:

change to:

-------- end included text --------

        Now, my question is this:  by adding the ", -1" to
        each of the above lines, we needed to modify the
        #define of GET_OBJ_EXTRA to accept 2 variables, but
        of course when we did that it balked because every
        other place in the code that calls this function
        only passes "obj".

        So, we removed the ", -1" and put the #define for
        GET_OBJ_EXTRA back the way it was.  Once we did that
        everything compiled just fine.

        We then took a copy of our world files and ran the
        perl converter script (again from the snippets page)
        and everything looked good.  We recompiled the mud
        again, and again it compiled just fine.

        After making sure we had wiped the pfile we tried to
        boot the mud.  Everything looked good right up until
        it tried to load the world, at which point it tells
        us we've got a format error in mob #0.  As near as
        we can tell mob #0 looks fine and fits the new format.

        What I'm wondering is if that ", -1" that the snippet
        said to add in GET_OBJ_EXTRA, that we left out, is
        what is messing us up?

        I think that tonight we're going to make a 1/2 dozen
        rooms and a couple of mobs and objects and see if we can
        get the mud to start with a bare minimum world.  If that
        works then we'll just build from there :)

        Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


        PS.  We're using circle30bpl11, but unfortuanately
             not quite stock code.

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