From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 08/24/97

According to these four profiles, caches are good and checks in loops are
minor speed reduction. (As I knew, but I prefer safety over speed.)

With cache and loop check:
  3.75      0.59     0.03    90252     0.33     0.85  detach_buffer
  2.50      0.61     0.02   131526     0.15     0.15  get_buffer_head
(       self secs  ttl sec   calls  self/call  ttl/call         )
Without cache and with loop check:
  9.68      0.64     0.09    90252     1.00     2.33  detach_buffer
  6.45      0.70     0.06   180530     0.33     0.33  get_buffer_head
(       self secs  ttl sec   calls  self/call  ttl/call         )

Note 27% reduction in get_buffer_head() calls and detach_buffer is
274% as fast using the cache. (Based on total per call.)

Taking out the (if ptr == ptr->next) checks gave an average speed
improvement of .2 us/ms* per call.

All tests were with an exit() statement immediately after the line log("No
connections, going to sleep.");

* self us/call implies usecs but the comments at the bottom state it is in
  milliseconds. I tend to believe the milliseconds.

Profiling is cool.

For GCC, set PROFILE = -pg in the makefile and run
'gprof ../bin/circle gmon.out' in the lib directory after running the mud
and exiting. If you don't have GNU prof, normal prof works with a -p I

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