Re: Caches from "George" at Aug 24, 97 10:34:55 pm

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 08/24/97

> Taking out the (if ptr == ptr->next) checks gave an average speed
> improvement of .2 us/ms* per call.

Since (ptr == ptr->next) will only occur when there's a bug in
another part of the code it's relatively safe not to check for
it. I mean, I'm all for checking just to make sure everything
is the way it "should" be but putting extra checking of that
kind inside loops seems wasteful.

> * self us/call implies usecs but the comments at the bottom state it is in
>   milliseconds. I tend to believe the milliseconds.
> Profiling is cool.

No kidding =)

> For GCC, set PROFILE = -pg in the makefile and run
> 'gprof ../bin/circle gmon.out' in the lib directory after running the mud
> and exiting. If you don't have GNU prof, normal prof works with a -p I
> believe.

Those people out there who use cygnus' gnu-win32 won't be able to
profile their code (yet). Although gcc -pg will generate profile code,
gprof or prof haven't been ported yet. Also, the library that your
code must link with hasn't been ported either.

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