Re: Circle Skill

From: Søren Peter Skou (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 08/26/97

Robert Sinland wrote:
> I don't seem to be having any luck searching the archives tonight, so I
> was wondering if anyone that knew of it, or had impped it could explain
> it in more detail.  I'm pretty sure I could code it myself with a better
> understanding of what it's supposed to do :)
Actually, according to a major IMP/God/Player discussion we had some
time ago, circle is a backstab.

Picture this Felnax the Thief assists Mopra the Elven Warrior. During
the battle it would be neat to go *around* the victim, and plant a knife
in it's back. :)

This can be done in several ways, the way I did it was to take a closer
look at backstab (since this is what it's going to end up with anyways)
Remove the !Fight check, and put in a waitstate. This was the harder
part (If i remember right), since the Waitstate was to be before the
actual stabbing. Can't remember how I got around it. My players have now
found out that it can be Pretty dangerous to use it (It is a dangerous
skill.. :)

Picture this: Felnax Decides to Circle the Victim. in the Same second as
Felnax has pressed return to Circle, Mopra Screams "DISENGAGE" and
Disengages due to low hitpoints, 2 seconds later, Felnax Misses his
Circle and is killed by the monster.. :)

At least they like it this way.. They must be some kind of psychos.. :)


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