From: Rob Baumstark (shirak@CONNECT.AB.CA)
Date: 08/29/97

> From: Uffe Svanstrom <>
> To:
> Subject:  MSP
> Date: Friday, August 29, 1997 2:19 PM
> YO!
> Just have a quessy !
> This MSP system with sound and so on (with Z-mud)
> How is it done on the mud ??
> is it like:
> sprint ("!!music(bla.wav)");
> sprint ("you slashes &S brutally");
> or am i totally off the line !!! ??
Thats pretty much how I did it.  I added a bit to do_gen_tog, to allow
players to turn sound on and off, like autoexits, then everywhere i want
sounds, i have things like:
And if you don't put the "\r\n" on there, it won't show anything on their
screen, if you do put it, they get blank lines all over.

On another topic...., talking about \r's and \n's, i encountered them once
on a small DOS program i was writing, and it should make no difference what
order you put them in, though \n\r does kinda make more sence (in my head)
  \r is carrage return, and puts the cursor at the beginning of the line
you are currently on, but does not go to the next line
  \n is next line, it puts you on the next line, right below where you
were, it does not go back to the beginning of the line.
If you are familiar with DOS or Win text editors, \r would be like hitting
the "home" key, and \n would be like hitting the down arrow (and creating a
line there)
I think it makes more sence to make a new line, then go to the beginning of
it, but it's up to you
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